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Ted Lord
Senior Partner, The Giving Practice
Exercises Poetry

Use Poetry as a Reflective Practice

Have you ever wanted to help….

•         Shift a group’s thinking from the tactical to the strategic?
•         Add the voice or perspective of the client/recipient to deliberations?
•         Reconnect a planning conversation to its original intention?

Poetry gives us permission and access to go through, under or around topics that are resistant to direct approach. You can use poetry to provide the spaciousness and distance that invites curiosity and a different kind of conversation. Enjoy, use, and add to this selection of reflective poems to center yourself or to  open up discussion on a challenging topic with others.

I reached out to my colleagues to see what poems they use as a reflective practice prompt.

Click here to see the poems they shared and why.

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The Dawn of System Leadership by Peter Senge

Collaborative initiatives are the rage. They have opened up research on what characteristics are needed to foster a collective leadership. Peter Senge and his colleagues reflect on three core capabilities they found to be integral to success: 1) the ability to see the larger system; 2) fostering reflection and more generative conversations; and 3) shifting the collective focus from reactive problem solving to co-creating the future.

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Achieving Mindfulness at Work, No Meditation Cushion Required by Matthew E. May

We all have access to an “impartial and well-informed spectator.” This spectator’s form of attention puts us in the present and gives us a more unbiased perspective — much the way our attention is focused when we travel to a new place, noticing details that the locals take for granted.

This idea was first introduced in the 18th century by Adam Smith and Ted Lord from The Giving Practice was pleasantly surprised to find this referenced in this  New York Times article.

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