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Jan Jaffe
Senior Partner with The Giving Practice at Philanthropy Northwest and formerly Senior Director at the Ford Foundation.

New Guide: Four Practices to Help You Work (and Sleep) Better


What keeps you up at night?  Our hunch, based on interviews with dozens of skilled philanthropy practitioners, is that it’s not the “what” of your work. You care deeply about a place, a field or an issue. You work hard to stay on top of content knowledge. You network to learn from others. It takes time and vigilance but you can do it. Rarely does that information get in the way of a good night’s sleep.

What challenges philanthropy practitioners is the “how” of that work.

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Grantcraft Guide by Jan Jaffe and William Ryan

Organizations have strategies. As individuals, don’t we need to use explicit strategies to navigate the shoals of complex situations? Jan Jaffe of The Giving Practice was just looking at a guide that Bill Ryan and she wrote for GrantCraft called ‘Personal Strategy: Mobilizing Your Self for Effective Grantmaking.’ It’s free, a quick read, and offers good reflective practice techniques from philanthropy practitioners.

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